Why So Quiet?

Why are we so quiet over here?

Yes we’ve been silent- but you’ll soon see why.

It’s been 9 months since we’ve posted a public update and our sincere apologies. As you likely know, we are a small team. So when we are quiet, it means we are busy building cool stuff. 2020 marks our 3rd year in business. We’ve been building tech for much longer, but OFFICIALLY it’s 3 years in July.

Over the past years we’ve built some really cool voice-first applications.

FoodMonkey: A food ordering system that we built with DoorDash & GrubHub in mind. This tech allows customers to explore menus and complete NEW orders & not just re-orders ::cough GrubHub cough::  via Alexa & Google Assistant enabled devices.

EmailMonkey: RIP EmailMonkey – Thaaaanks Google for deciding to charge a $15k-$75k audit to companies like us who provided a free voice email service to the masses. That made a few hundred people pretty sad.

Storyboard: User friendly interface to craft Alexa & Google Assistant smart conversational apps. Think an advanced Alexa Blueprint..

Oodles of cool skills for our clients: Shout out to some of our first partners including CEO Tip of the Day, MedFlashGo, Admiral, Fellowship, HAL & everyone else!

Shopify: Our Shopify Plugin with a click of a button quickly replicates any Shopify Storefront making all products immediately available for sale via voice devices. 

Multi-Media: This bad boy allows us to easily replace Alexa & Google Assistant’s voices with our own, add SSML with a right click, add photos and videos associated to Questions & Answers and Statements, audio-mixing tools and SO much more. 

& we’ve explored countless concepts with tons of people, dipped our toes into a number of random industries, built technology that was demoed at CES, that powers smart homes, and so much more…

Well, all of the cool tech behind these applications are about to be combined into one platform that enables anyone, an individual or a business, with minimal technology experience to create a voice first smart application. 

Stay tuned – it’ll be worth it.