Voice2Biz Proud to Announce FoodMonkey – Device Independent SaaS Voice Food Ordering Application

San Jose, CA – July 31, 2017 – The Voice2Biz team is proud to announce FoodMonkey – the first voice application to allow end-users the ability to create brand new custom food delivery orders using just their voice on both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home devices. FoodMonkey ain’t no chimp; this smart conversational application is capable of understanding user intent, so there is no need for the consumer to memorize specific commands. This device independent SaaS white-label voice application is available to food delivery businesses in the United States beginning today.


FoodMonkey makes it easy for consumers to fluidly interact with their favorite smart home device to purchase new food orders. While a limited number of food delivery skills exist on Amazon’s Alexa, including Amazon Prime’s restaurant delivery service, these skills are limited to reordering previous orders made via smart phones, tablets or computers. FoodMonkey is the first voice only application to allow users to browse restaurants, explore entire menus, obtain descriptions of different dishes, change quantities and ask common queries such as “What’s the fastest delivery?” using just their voice.  Some of the many features available include:

  • having a smart conversation – there’s no need to memorize specific commands – with both Google Home and Alexa
  • discovering new restaurants by food type (e.g. American, Chinese, Italian, Thai, etc.)
  • hearing complete menus by category (e.g. appetizer, entree, desert & etc.) or jump straight to ordering your favorite dishes
  • adding/removing any quantity of items at any point
  • changing your mind and toggling between restaurants easily
  • asking ‘what’s the fastest delivery’, ‘current order’ status, descriptions of each dish and much, much more…

FoodMonkey is the first fully functional cross platform voice application that references the end users’ geolocation, leverages food delivery businesses’ APIs to define available restaurants and delivery time, enables consumers to have conversational interactions with their favorite smart home device to create custom food orders, then seamlessly pass order information into the food delivery business’ internal ordering and fulfillment system.

Voice2biz (https://www.Voice2Biz.com) builds device independent voice applications for business. Just recently announced and still in stealth mode, the Silicon Valley company specializes in delivering platform agnostic voice enabled B2B e-commerce services tailored to businesses across multiple industries. Currently delivered verticals include restaurant and home shopping voice order management interfaces.

See examples of FoodMonkey in action at the Voice2biz Youtube Channel or catch a glimpse in the video below.


Contact: Daniel J. Pinna
Tel.: (669) 221-4920
1101 S. Winchester Blvd, H-185
San Jose, CA 95128
Email: daniel@voice2biz.com
Website: https://www.voice2biz.com