Voice2Biz Launches to Create Custom Voice Applications


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Voice2Biz Launches to Create Custom Voice Applications


San Jose, CA: Voice2Biz, a voice application development company, officially launches its services to the business world today. The company specializes in creating static or dynamic custom cross device voice applications for businesses.

CEO and Founder Tim Kinslow (Adobe Systems, McAfee, NYSE Euronext) and President and Co-Founder Daniel J. Pinna (AncientFaces llc) have created core technology which allows access to their customer voice applications from any supported voice device including those from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

“We see voice interaction with technology similar to the 1980s PC revolution,” said Tim Kinslow, CEO and Founder of Voice2Biz. “Soon enough, whether you are driving, preparing food in the kitchen, or going for a jog, internet voice access will be ubiquitous to deliver any service you can imagine,” said Daniel J. Pinna, President and Co-Founder of Voice2Biz.

Voice applications for business remove the “screen & fingertip” barriers of B2C interaction. With CNBC recently reporting one in six adults in the United States owns a voice-activated smart speaker, adoption is outpacing smartphones and tablets. Voice applications are the new means for businesses to interact with their consumers anywhere and at anytime of the day. This includes future household appliances, vehicles, and headphones.

Voice2Biz are experts in the ability to articulate and navigate clients through the new voice technology industry. Clients will be first-to-market with their products in this rapidly-expanding landscape.

Voice2Biz is a voice application development company based in Silicon Valley. The team includes entrepreneurs and C-level executives from top technology companies who have joined forces to be a part of the voice-to-technology revolution. With Voice2Biz as your partner, your company is guaranteed to capitalize on this new technology, which is comparable to the PC revolution of the 1980s. For more information or to submit a request for proposal, visit https://www.voice2biz.com