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Meet just a few of our Popular Voice Apps

In addition to developing custom white-label voice applications, Voice2Biz is proud to offer the following voice technology.

eCommerce meets vCommerce

Shopify owners make your storefront voice-commerce enabled. Quick & easy setup to create your own Alexa Skill bringing all of your products from your Shopify Storefront to the millions of Alexa users.

Senior & Assisted Living Communities

Our Assisted Living & Senior Communities powered by Voice2Biz enjoy engaging skills that include: Menu & food options, calendar events, notifications for mail delivery, and much more all easily managed by your staff.

Questions & Answers Flashcard Technology

The V2B Enterprise Management System (EMS) powers all our voice apps & handles complex queries against multi-million row DBs - all easily managed by your staff. Our EMS allows our clients to easily add new 'Commands' or 'Questions' and the corresponding 'Answers' or 'Actions'  updated in real-time in your Alexa Skill or Google Action

Meet Voice2Biz

We are a team of experts in building smart conversational voice enabled device independent applications for business. 

We are Silicon Valley, born and raised. We've seen and helped shape the evolution of technology, user experience, engineering, and code language development over the last 30+ years. We've worked for corporations like Adobe, AncestryIntercontinental Exchange (ICE & NYSE),  Microsoft, and others as coders, engineers, inventors, affiliates and directors. We've launched our own startups that we've built into successful companies, and have a deep appreciation for innovation, efficiency, and systematizing processes. We've been exploring voice technology, developing cutting-edge apps, and beta testing development methodologies for the last 3+ years.

We know the voice tech landscape, what features & functions are available today, what’s on the horizon, and what will be available 2-3 years from now (we’re actually developing that now). We’re passionate about auditing our client's offerings and technology, understanding existing APIs and then strategically suggesting solutions that will deliver the most ROI. We build a layer of code around your existing code/API, allowing your business to listen and speak intelligently. We seamlessly breathe new life into your business without the need of hiring additional resources (developers or engineers).

We provide our clients with a single point of contact who will work with all your stakeholders to manage your voice technology project from concept to execution—all the way through testing and launch and then ongoing support. We've launched numerous complex projects at fortune 500 companies over the last 30+ years. We understand all the issues that can slow a project down like lack of vision alignment, communication, technical expertise, or process inefficienies, to list a few. We're process experts who are able to adapt to your company's current process or create a bespoke solution, it all depends on your infrastructure, preference, and overall goals.  


Natural. Simple. Effortless.

Voice Apps Are Changing the Way We Use & Interact with Technology—and Ours Work with These Devices

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Show

Invoke – Harman Kardon

Google Home Mini

Google Home

Google Home Max

V2B Apps

Our apps are magical, helpful, and simple. Talk to them as you would with a friend—no need to memorize commands.

Availble for Free to Everyone: EmailMonkey is your free voice to email assistant.  Available on Alexa & Google Home, EmailMonkey makes reading & sending emails simple using just your voice.

Got your hands full? Driving and want to read, reply and send new emails? We’ve got you covered.

Available to Food Delivery Companies: FoodMonkey makes it fun and easy to order from local restaurants using just your voice with your favorite home device.

Interacting with FoodMonkey is intuitive and like having a conversation with a friend. You don’t have to memorize a set of standard commands.

Coming Soon! The AncientFaces.com voice application makes it easy to create your family tree, and discover your ancestors using just your voice. Never forget an anniversary or important date related to your family history, simply ask your smart home speaker for genealogical details and we’ll provide you the information

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