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Make your e-commerce store voice enabled allowing your customers to purchase on any Alexa enabled devices.


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Enable your Shopify Store on Alexa & Google Assistant

Voice enable your Shopify e-commerce store with a FREE DEMO utilizing our Shopify engine technology
Don’t have a Shopify Storefront? No problem, we custom develop Alexa & Google Assistant Skills for any e-commerce platform. Contact Us for more information.

Create your Alexa Skill for your Shopify Storefront



Login to your Shopify Store & Setup your new Storefront App  Click Here to Start  ]


Securely Share Credentials with Voice2Biz


Within hours access your FREE DEMO that works on your own Alexa enabled devices


Play & experience your store in a voice first world – share any changes you want made



We enable your new Alexa Skill & Viola! – your storefront is now voice enabled on all Alexa devices 

Shopify Voice Example

“Alexa, ask Umbrella Corporation what kind of umbrellas are available.”

Alexa: We currently have over 200 different types of umbrellas made by 15 manufacturers. You can ask for a list of manufacturers or search by description.

“I want a sturdy black umbrella made by ACME.”

Alexa: There are two black umbrellas by ACME. These include a individual size for $35.99 or a family size for $99. Would you like additional details?

“Give me two individual size and one family size umbrellas.”

Alexa: I’ve added 2 individual size and 1 family size umbrella to your shopping cart. You can add additional items, get descriptions or checkout.


Alexa: We have sent you an email with your items ready for your review and checkout with one click. Thank you for shopping with Umbrella Corporation.

Search All Products
1) Search: Enable your consumers to search your Shopify store by voice for potential product matches. Customers can search by product categories, keywords, manufacturers, product numbers or whatever else you want. We’ll help you to narrow down your search to your desired product.
Persistent Shopping Cart

2) Persistent Shopping Cart: While Shopify doesn’t have a persistent cart in their implementation, we do. The cart stays open in-between different voice sessions. This allows customers to add products to their cart piecemeal over a period of time. They can “checkout” whenever they want.

Easy Secure Checkout

3) Checkout: When customers want to checkout, we send an email to the email account associated with their voice device they’re using. This email contains a Shopify store link that the customer clicks on. This brings up the Shopify store where the consumer logs in using their standard Shopify store credentials, reviews the contents, makes adjustments, and proceeds to finish the transaction. This allows the designated business owner or responsible person to manage the final checkout. For the security of your Shopify account, your customers and payment options, the payment transaction happens within Shopify. No need to worry about creating yet another account with payment information just to use voice purchasing. Your data and transaction security is paramount to us.

Instant & Simple Deployment of your Alexa Skill

4) Ease of deployment: Our deployment is simple, and elegant. As a Shopify Storefront owner, you only need to enable the skill/action to use it. There is no need for creating any additional accounts or any further account linking to a Shopify store whatsoever. This  further increases the level of security. A business owner simply enables the skill and immediately starts searching for products and adding them to their persistent cart. The voice device account does NOT have to be the same account as the Shopify account.  Your Shopify account is only used to complete the purchase transaction, again, ensuring security.

Start with your FREE Demo

Follow the steps below to get your FREE DEMO Alexa skill for your Shopify storefront.

In your Shopify dashboard generate the credentials below to start your new Alexa Skill & publish your products to your new voice storefront.
1. Log into the Shopify console for your store and click the “Apps” link in the left hand menu. Click on the link at the bottom of the page that says “Manage private apps”.

Click the Shopify Apps link

Click the Shopify Apps link

2. Click on the button labeled “Create a new private app” in the top right corner. You will be routed to a new page that lists your private apps. Click on the button labeled “Create a new private app” in the top right corner.

Create a new private app

Create a new private app

3. On this form enter your desired Skill name, the email “”, select “Read Access” for all options, click the checkbox “StoreAPI” , more checkboxes will appear – make sure they are all checked and click “Save”.

Read Access & Storefront API

Read Access & Storefront API

4. On this final page, COPY & PASTE the “API Key”, “Password”, “Example URL”, “Shared Secret” and the “Store Access Token” and share this information below to Get Started!
API key, password, example url & shared secret

API key, password, example url & shared secret

Shopify Store Access Token

Shopify Store Access Token

Now that you’ve setup your Shopify app and have completed Step 1, share the details of your app. using the form below.
You will be asked to share: Your Full Name, Your Email, Store Name, API Key, Password, Example URL, Shared Secret, and Store Access Token.
A few hours after receiving the information you’ve shared with us in Step 2, you will be emailed a beta-skill invitation that will enable you to interact with your new Alexa Skill for your Shopify storefront. Play around, email us feedback, and if you like what you hear, let us know and we’ll complete your new v-commerce enabled store.
We’ll certify your app with Amazon and Google and then launch your Shopify voice store!
Once your Alexa Skill is approved & Amazon certified your Shopify Storefront will be available for the millions of Alexa consumers. Congratulations – you are one of the first to bring your Shopify e-commerce store voice enabled! Now that you are v-commerce enabled, promote your new Alexa Skill & Google Assistant commands and start fulfilling those new orders!


Questions? We Have Answers.

What is the Shopify Engine Technology powered by Voice2Biz?

Shopify does not currently offer an extension for e-commerce owners to promote their skill on Alexa or Google Assistant powered devices. Voice2Biz has created the Shopify Engine Technology to allow business owners to quickly and easily replicate their online e-commerce stores with a voice app.

What does it cost to have an e-commerce voice app?

We’ve made it affordable for businesses of all sizes to make their Shopify e-commerce v(oice)-commerce enabled. We offer a free demo Alexa skill so that you can hear and interact in real-time with your inventory and experience the checkout process. If you’re impressed, which we are certain you will be, the fee to make your skill live consists of a $999 one time initialization fee, and a hosting fee of $99/month.

I'm not technical at all...can I still do this?

Absolutely! We made it simple for Shopify store owners to quickly and easily create a voice skill that requires no upkeep on your end on a monthly basis. We monitor and make sure that your voice app works 24×7, and all you have to do is fulfill your orders! To get started, follow the steps in “Setup Shopify” above – we’ll handle the rest!