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Senior Living Meets Voice Technology

Whether you are involved with a senior or assisted living community, provide senior focussed services, or bring IT solutions to the space – add Voice2Biz as your voice technology partner.

Alexa and Google Home provide seniors a wonderful opportunity to stay active & engaged. See just some of the ways to utilize a smart speaker in your community with a custom skill that can do all of the following & more.

Ask “What’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner” today or any date in the future.

Hear upcoming events for the week along with the location, time and description.

Reminders to take medication.

For the visually impaired, have text display on smart speaker devices with screens.
In case of emergencies –  “Alexa, call the front desk”

Listen to music, call friends & family, get today’s weather and more.

We Partner with your Community to Tailor our Custom Alexa & Google Assistant Senior Skills

The list above is only a sample of some of the interactions Voice2Biz creates for the residents in your community. We work with you to make sure that our skills offer your residents a technology companion with MINIMAL changes to your staff’s normal business operations. Do you use an existing database or a simple excel file to update your meals, events and other data? No problem – we provide our clients an interface to upload updated content as frequently as they wish or we will integrate with your existing API. In addition, we provide detailed Analytics so you can see how your residents interact with your skill.

Of course, as with all our voice applications, your skills will work on all Alexa & Google Assistant enabled smart speaker devices..

Surprised Seniors LOVE Alexa & Google Home? Don’t be…

You might be initially suprised to learn that seniors are quick to use Alexa & Google Home on a daily basis. Even the advanced eldery quickly understand how to interact with smart speakers and make use of the devices daily. 

While millennials often lead older individuals in their adoption and use of technology, the release of Amazon’s Alexa in November 2014 was different. The baby boomer generation was among the first to purchase Alexa devices and begin using them for simple tasks such as adding to shopping lists and setting alarms.

Today, Alexa & Google Assistant offer more than just a reminder – they offer utility and companionship. 

Here are Just a Few Example Phrases:

User question: “What’s for dinner today?”
Response: “Today, October 9th, steak medallions served with a pearl onion red wine sauce will be served at the BlueStraws restaurant beginning at 5:30pm. The Grill will be offering seasoned vegetables, potatoes and a spiced lentil soup beginning at 5pm.”
User question: “What are the activities for next Friday?”
Response: “On Friday October 9th we will be showing ‘Hello, Dolly’ in the Sobrato theater at 2pm and again at 6pm. The 15th Annual Bridge tournament will commence at 1pm in the Meeting Hall on floor 2. And pending weather, bocce ball games begin at 2pm in the garden. “

Integrate Your Alexa & Google Skill Easily With Detailed Analytics

Offer your residents your skill at one location or many with minimal changes to your staff’s daily responsibilities.


As mentioned above, however you manage your data – whether that be a robust API, database or simple excel spreadsheet, our skills allow for your staff to directly update the skill in a convenient manner and as frequently as they wish.
In addition, we provide administrators detailed analytics that will show you how your residents interact with the skill. For example, do residents frequently ask for information you don’t have? You won’t know unless you have access to how your residents interact with the app. We’ve got you covered so that you can monitor interactions and revise the skill moving forward.

Want to use a spreadsheet? No problem. Just upload your spreadsheet using our portal and the content is immediately live for your seniors.


Want to use an existing database API? No problem. Just give us the URL and API and we’ll connect to get the most up-to-date data.


Want to deploy at 1 site or at 1000 sites each with their own unique content? No problem. Our site management tools put you in complete control.


Contact Us To See Your Senior Skill In Action

Drop us a message below and we’ll show you how easy and simple it is to get started with a free beta skill tailored to work with your community. No Strings Attached.

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