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Want a Personal Alexa Skill or Google Action?

Do you have in mind a personal Alexa Skill or Google Action for use at work or in your smart home?

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The future of interacting with technology is with your voice & not your fingertips. Partner with Voice2Biz to make your dream voice application a reality.

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If you own a website, news organization or media outlet, expand your audience with a voice application that works on Alexa, Google Assistant & Cortana supported devices.

Business Interactions on Alexa, Google Assistant & Cortana Supported Devices

Bring voice to your business that's heard in your consumers homes, cars, gym & while at work.

Alexa In-Skill Purchasing Not Yet Ready For Prime Time?

Is Alexa In-Skill Purchasing Not Yet Ready For Prime Time? We’re having a heck of a time getting a client’s Alexa skill beta tested and certified. The skill uses Amazon’s In-Skill Purchasing, or ISP.     Fun time #1 - Double Charges We found a verified...

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