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Now is the Time to Bring Voice 2 Business

You’ve seen the numbers showing how quickly consumers are adopting voice technology devices in their everyday lives. So have we – and that’s why we have come together to form Voice2Biz. We relate the adoption growth of smart speakers to the PC revolution of the 1980’s. Life changed for everybody with smart & fast personal computing. Life will change again when interaction with technology is no longer limited by screens but by voice.

This is an exciting time during a new rapidly growing industry – come be pioneers with us! Contact us to see where the future is headed.


The Voice2Biz People

We are proud of our work and our people. Each and every member of our team brings unique skillsets, knowledge and expertise that drives our client interaction. Would you like seasoned technology professionals who have worked in some of the largest technology companies in the world and have successful careers building startups developing your voice application? Meet the principal founders of Voice2Biz.

Voice2Biz is based in Silicon Valley, California.

Daniel J. Pinna

Daniel is the CEO of AncientFaces, llc., and a small business & real estate investor. His previous experience includes executive roles in the Palo Alto Legal eDiscovery and home building industries,  He is a proud supporter of Bellarmine College Preparatory and Santa Clara University. 

With a track history of developing scalable and repeatable broad scale systems, Daniel invests his focus on identifying maximum return improvements.

Ardent music lover, Bob Ross appreciator, cycling enthusiast, and wine dilettante. Napa Valley is where Daniel one day wants to call home, and can oft be found driving the Silverado Trail with his wife, Lisa, throughout the year.

Tim Kinslow

Tim is a seasoned global CIO/CTO executive with demonstrated deliveries of best of breed world leading products and services across companies such as Adobe Systems, McAfee , and NYSE Euronext.


He specializes in bringing world class innovation to market, performing crucial critical IT transformation, and delivering billions to a company’s bottom line.

Outside of family and work, Tim is a bicyclist who loves to climb and recently has done over 1.1 million vertical feet of climbing in just 2 years. He figures since he’ll never be able to fly into space, he might as well ride there!

The Voice2Biz Process

Contact Us with Your Idea

Fill out our Contact Form or give us a call and let us know what you are looking to do – tell us about your business (or idea) and how you see your service best translated to voice – and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to clarify your vision & scope out your project.

Build Confidence

We get it, this is a new type of interaction with technology. We’ve done this numerous times and know the questions to ask and how to prepare for potential engineering requirements, future optimizations & technological challenges as hardware providers change. When you’re our client, you’re a long-term partner and our goals are aligned to help your business take advantage of voice technology.

Design & Develop YOUR Best of Class Application

Each and every step we take is made intentionally – from initial design, through communication during development and QA then launch – to guarantee final results are exceptional and reach your company goals. What makes results exceptional? We take advantage of opportunities available today, and prepare for those opportunities we know are coming tomorrow in the voice technology industry.

Complete Solution: V2B Supports You 

You don’t need to hire new engineers as you discover changes you’d like made, nor worry about uptime as your voice app gains adoption, or even concern yourself when Amazon or Google changes their code – Voice2Biz handles all of this for you.