If you can HTML then you can MAVIS

Just kidding. You don’t even need to know HTML. We’ve done all the work for you – just add content & play!

Get Started

Who likes Robot Voices? Your voice is SO much better.

Aren’t we all tired of Robots yet? Replace Alexa’s voice with your own. Record audio from your phone, tablet or laptop. We like your voice much better anyway.

Strong Silent Type?

Prefer typing over talking? Add personality to Alexa’s voice with SSML with a right click.

Enjoy French accents? Want to annoy listeners with a child’s voice?

There’s nothing funnier than bleeping Alexa’s voice. You’ll see…

Show us your Selfies

Why are all those great photos hidden in Instagram? Show those selfies off to the world – we deserve to see them don’t we?

Video? Why Not?!

Photos are great, but videos are better.

Next time your friend asks your virtual self what you’re up to respond with a video of you playing a prank on your grandma.

Embrace your Inner DJ

Fancy yourself as a DJ eh? Add audio and mix away – fades, delays, background volume control & so much more. So if you’re boring at least people will be entertained.

Work on your listening skills

Conversations shouldn’t be one-sided. Let your friends, family & fans message you via Alexa. You’ll get notified of their nagging you via email or text.

See Mavis in Action

Connect the Dots” Alexa Skill  is available in the Alexa Skills Store


MAVIS makes it fun & easy to build smart voice applications in this voice-first world.

Create a virtual version of yourself in your own voice, add photos & videos, share your opinions & thoughts about anything, and allow friends & family to message you (or not!).

Got Branding

We aren’t ALL play and no work.

MAVIS enables businesses to scale in this voice-first world. Expand your brand with a smart voice application for sales, customer relations & retention or internal communication & employee manuals.

Are you ready to MAVIS?

11 + 14 =

See MAVIS in Action

Connect the Dots” is the first instance of MAVIS live in the Alexa Skills Store. Enable Connect the Dots to see what YOU can do with MAVIS.


MAVIS makes it easy to create engaging Voice First skills. The dashboard controls everything a user sees & hears.