Meet MAVIS – Multimedia Audio Visual Interface System


Today we are proud to introduce the world to MAVIS. MAVIS stands for Multimedia Audio Visual Interface System and is the product of 7+ person years of technology development combined into one powerful platform.

MAVIS makes it easy to create incredibly powerful smart conversational Alexa skills. Here are some of the highlights:

Replace Alexa’s Voice with your own – You can record as many Answers to Questions, Statements (welcome, say again, didn’t understand & etc.), Response dialogues and so much more in your own voice – completely replacing Alexa – with your mobile phone or laptop.

Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) – If you prefer to use Alexa’s voice you might as well add some character! Instead of having to code SSML simply highlight text in your responses and right click then choose an expression or accent to change Alexa’s voice. This is fun and can create some very comical results 😉

Photos – More and more people have Alexa devices with screens & soon this will be commonplace. Surprise that friend or client of yours with a personalized response with a photo of their smiling faces. Add as many photos as you want and associate them individually or as a group to Questions & Statements as you see fit. 

Videos – Why use photos when you can include videos? When a user asks a question play individual videos for any content or responses you desire. 

Music Mixing – Have a favorite track you’ve made? Add fades and control background volume all while using your voice to pinpoint specific areas of the track you wish to highlight.

User Messages – Allow your friends & family to leave you messages via your own Alexa skill that will notify you via text or email. Ready to respond? Either shoot them an email or update your skill with a custom response. You can notify specific users without bothering everyone else.

The problem with the majority of Alexa skills available today is that it is one-sided conversation and no one knows when new content is added. Users ask questions of the skill and the skill responds. When new content how does the user know? 

MAVIS enables skill owners to listen to their users, update & then notify individual users of new content. When questions are asked that don’t have an answer, or users send a message, skill owners can immediately reply, update their skill with a new response and notify just that user of new content.

Below is an example of a user asking a question that did not have an answer, the skill owner updating the skill with a response and associating a photo. It’s that easy.


MAVIS Dashboard

MAVIS makes it easy to create engaging Voice First skills. From the dashboard you control everything a user sees & hears.

Connect the Dots is the first instance of MAVIS available in the Alexa Skills Store. Enable Connect the Dots & give it a try yourself.