Google Home And Alexa Talk to Each Other & Have a Conversation


Watch Google Home and Alexa during an intimate fireside chat have a seamless conversation to order food delivery via FoodMonkey.


See Google Home have a conversation with Amazon’s Alexa to make a complete food delivery order via’s cross platform FoodMonkey application.

What you might not notice is that a true continual conversation occurs between disparate ‘skills” running cross platform The subtlety in this video is the fact that a true continual conversation is happening between disparate “skills” running cross platform, all built by (i.e., each request/response is NOT initiated by “okay Google” or “Alexa, talk to X”.)

You can have Google Home order FoodMonkey via Alexa, or have Alexa order FoodMonkey via Google Home, or even Google to Google or Alexa to Alexa! Same codebase/skill across ALL input devices. In this demonstration, each side of the conversation knows what platform is calling it and adapts its conversation automatically.



Unfortunately, while we were taping, Alexa & Google Home heard each other just fine so you don’t get to hear the dialogue between the two devices if one misunderstands the other. If a command isn’t heard during the conversation, or they talk over each other, the listening device will say “Pardon, I didn’t get that?” which initiates the original device to repeat itself. Just another day of us having fun with the future of voice technology at Voice2biz.