With FoodMonkey Explore, Find & Order Food Delivery — All with Your Voice

Discover new restaurants by food type

Hear complete menus by category or jump straight to ordering your favorite dishes

Get food descriptions or decide what’s available based on what’s the fastest delivery time

See How

Order Custom Food Delivery with Just Your Voice

FoodMonkey is a smart restaurant voice ordering application connecting food delivery companies with their consumers through Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.
This white-label application is available to food delivery companies.

Contact Voice2Biz for more information.

Common Commands

There’s no need to memorize specific commands, simply interact with FoodMonkey like you would speak with a friend.

You can browse restaurants provided by your preferred food delivery service based on your location. You can ask the following:

  • “What’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner?”
  • What’s the fastest delivery?
  • “What’s on the menu?”
  • “What kind of entrees?”
It’s easy to browse what’s on the menu at your desired restaurant. Try asking the following:
  • “What’s on the menu?”
  • “What kind of entrees/salads/appetizers/deserts are available?”
  • “What gluten free foods do you have?”
  • “What spicy foods do you have?”
  • “What type of foods are available?”
“What’s my current order?”

“List my current order”

“Add/delete [quantity] from my current order”

“Cancel my order”

Get a quick snapshot of how many new unread emails you have waiting for you. You can say…
  • “Add a tip”
  • “Delete a tip”
  • “Whats my tip”
For those who want to explore all of the many features of FoodMonkey…
  • Simply ask Help for additional commands

Latest Updates with the Amazing FoodMonkey App

Questions? We Have Answers.

Can I Use FoodMonkey Today?!

No. FoodMonkey is a white-label voice application available to food delivery companies such as DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub and etc. If you’d like to order a new custom meal with just your voice on your favorite smart speaker, please let your preferred food delivery service know!

I'm a FoodDelivery Company and Want to Use FoodMonkey

Great! We’d love to offer you this service. Please Contact Us for additional information

What Makes FoodMonkey So Special?

FoodMonkey is the only food ordering voice application available that allows consumers to browse available restaurants, select food items and get descriptions, add a tip, modify their order and etc.

All other voice enabled food delivery services (including GrubHub and Amazon Restaurants) only allow the consumer to repeat their last order made via their smart phone or desktop application.