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RIP – EmailMonkey 🙁
Discontinued as of 02/12/19



EmailMonkey is a free voice to email assistant. “Read” & (coming soon Send) emails using just your voice with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Got your hands full? Busy cooking? Driving and want to read new emails? EmailMonkey is the voice email application for you in the Voice First world.

Current Status: Shutdown due to Google mandated 3rd Party Assessment [ Read more ]

EmailMonkey Brings Voice to Email

There’s no need to memorize specific commands, simply interact with EmailMonkey like you would speak with a friend.

EmailMonkey is a free voice to email application that makes reading (and soon sending & replying) to email simple & easy using just your voice. Supported on all Amazon’s Alexa & Google Assistant supported devices, EmailMonkey currently supports email or Gmail/GSuite hosted email accounts.

  • Privacy is Important: We get it, email is private.  EmailMonkey does not read nor store your emails and protects your email from people who may have access to your smart speaker.  When you initially enable EmailMonkey you will be asked to “Set a Password”. The password can be as complex or simple as you like. Don’t worry, if you forget your password simply say “I Forgot My Password” and we’ll send you a temporary password to your inbox.
  • Stop Talking! Sometimes you’ll want to interrupt the current process and start a new command. At anytime you can say “Alexa, [new command]”, “Stop” or “OK Google, [new command]” and your device will respond immediately.
  • Close EmailMonkey: At any point you can say “Close EmailMonkey”, “I’m done” or “End EmailMonkey” to end your session.
  • (COMING SOON) Guided Mode: Guided Mode is a tutorial that walks you through Sending, Forwarding or Replying to emails and is turned ON by default when you first begin using EmailMonkey. Once you’ve got the hang of things say “Turn Guided Mode Off” to make sending emails faster.
Read emails will not be automatically deleted upon being read, and must be deleted manually using the “delete” command. To have your email read aloud, you can say things like…

  • “Read all email” Will begin reading all of your email (newest to oldest) regardless of whether the email is read or unread.
  • “Read newest email” Responds by reading your newest unread email first.
  • What’s my oldest unread email” Responds by reading your oldest unread email first.
  • “Next” While reading your email the ‘next’ command will continue in chronological order
  • “Read my latest/oldest unread email”
  • “Read my latest email” 
  • “Alexa, ask EmailMonkey to read my most recent unread email”

At anytime while your emails are being read, you can say “Alexa” or “Okay Google”…

  • “Next email” 
  • “Stop” 
  • “Delete Email” 
  • “Undo/Undelete”
  • “Mark Unread”
Get a snapshot or take a quick status of your inbox. Want to know how many unread emails you have in your inbox? You can say things like…
  • “What’s in my inbox”
  • “How many unread emails do I have?” 
  • “What’s my inbox count?”
  • “Mark as unread/read”
  • “Next email”
Sending email is easy, especially if you have a lot of contacts. For example, you can say at any time “Alexa, tell EmailMonkey to send an email to Lisa” or when you have EmailMonkey open, say “Send email”. You can say things like…

  • “Send email” If Guided Mode is turned ON (enabled upon default) you will be walked through adding a recipient, a subject and message. Remember at anytime you can turn Guided Mode OFF by saying “Turn Guided Mode Off”.
  • “Set address” Add any number of recipients. You can either say the entire email address, or spell it out to make sure that the email address is correct. Forgot who you included? Just say “What’s my addresses”.
  • “Add Subject”
  • “Add Message” Enter the body of your email. If you are cut off, or would like to add additional information, just say “Add Message” as many times as you want. Want to start over? Say “clear message”.
  • “Cancel email” and your email will be deleted.
  • “Review email” to double check your email before sending.

Alexa & Google Assistant sometimes don’t hear exactly what we say. Streamline your voice to email interactions by utilizing your Contacts whenever possible. It’s much better than spelling out your best friend’s clever but too-long email address every time you want to send an email.

Looking for more advanced commands? The list is exhaustive and there are a few easter eggs – let us know if you find them – but some of the more popular interactions are listed below. For those interested in exploring all of the features of EmailMonkey you can say things like…
  • “Help” will give you a list of basic commands.
  • “Repeat” will repeat the last line spoken.
  • “Stop Talking” will stop the current action. Just say “I’m done”,or “Close/End EmailMonkey” to close EmailMonkey.
  • “What’s my subject/address/message?”
  • (Coming Soon) “Review my email message” 
  • (Coming Soon) “Clear message”
  • “Set a Password”. The password can be as complex or simple as you like. If you forgot your password say “I Forgot My Password” and a temporary password will be sent to your inbox.
  • (Coming Soon) “Turn Guided Mode OFF” once you get the swing of things – it’ll speed up the process!
Need help? Review answer to common troubleshooting questions below. Don’t see what you’re looking for and still have a question?  Contact Us and we’ll make sure to answer your question.

  • Get Started With EmailMonkey: Go into your Alexa app and search for the skill EmailMonkey and enable it. You will then be asked to log into your gmail account. Simply type your gmail email address and password and your account will be linked to the skill. EmailMonkey NEVER sees your password. The login happens directly with Google through Amazon.
  • Enable Linking For This Skill: When you open EmailMonkey and you hear “This application requires account linking. Please go to your Alexa App and enable linking for this skill” the most common reason is because of a Gmail Account Security setting. To resolve this issue follow these steps:
    • Go to your Alexa app and disable EmailMonkey.
    • Log into your gmail account using your desktop.
    • Click on the Google Apps icon at the top right of the screen and select My Account.
    • Under Sign-in and Security, click on Apps with Account Access.
    • Click Manage Apps under Apps with access to your account and then click “EmailMonkey by Voice2Biz”
    • Click “Remove Access”
    • Go to your Alexa app and re-enable EmailMonkey and log into your gmail account again.

Questions? We Have Answers.

Can I join the Beta Group for Sending Email?

Many thanks to all of you who’ve taken part in the Closed Beta thus far. If you did not receive your Beta Invite please make sure that you have not opted out of receiving marketing emails in your Amazon email settings > Promotional Emails.

The feedback has been much appreciated and we thank you for your part in making EmailMonkey a best of class email voice application. If you are interested in participating in the beta for sending email please drop us a line.

Do you read my emails?!

Absolutely not. EmailMonkey never stores or reads your email. You linked your gmail account to the EmailMonkey voice app, but we never store the contents of your email including to/from, subjects and the message or body of your emails.


Does EmailMonkey work on Alexa or Google Home?

Both! EmailMonkey currently supports all gmail based email accounts and will work on Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.


I don't want people around my smart speakers to have access to my email.

You can set a security word which will prevent unwanted access to your email. If selected, you will be prompted to say your security word each time prior to opening EmailMonkey. If invalid, emailMonkey will not open. Don’t worry, if you forgot your password you can say “I forgot my password” and an email will be sent to your inbox for you to access via your smartphone or desktop.

Version History

v1.2 12/07/2018

  • Read email now defaults to *newest* based on feedback.
  • Eliminated the need to Set Timezone upon first initializing skill. Thanks Alexa for the new ISO timezone API feature.
  • Multiple bug fixes to address inboxes with over 1,000 emails.
  • Various speed enhancements.
  • Other major backend updates.