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It's Time to Invest in Voice Technology
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Prepare for a World Dependent on Voice as Opposed to Fingertips to Interact with Your Company

Would you like to allow your customers to connect with your corporation in the most simple yet modern form of communication without having to assign engineering resources?

Voice Technology is here and EVERYONE is flocking to it. Don’t believe us?  Check out these voice industry statistics

Are you challenged with keeping your company meeting a defined lift in growth / user adoption, but don’t know how to meet your forecast?


Do you recognize the rapid growth in smart speaker or voice-2-technology interaction & how it provides potential growth for your company?

Do you want the ability to speak with your consumers in an intelligent way no matter the time of day, holiday nor activity without hiring any additional staff?

Would you like to be your industry’s leader in leveraging voice technology to dramatically improve your customers’ experiences?

Would you like to uncover a new dimension of your brand, making it easier to win the hearts and minds of your target audience?

Your company has already identified the need to enter the voice-to-technology market via creating a voice application to capitalize on entering your customers’ homes via Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Cortana and all other smart speaker devices. Voice2Biz is an extension of your engineering team that works with your existing API to minimize your investment in hiring new engineers or reallocating existing developers.

Voice2Biz is your partner that handles design, development, management and hosting of your company’s custom voice application with minimal investment required from your corporation.

Meet Voice2Biz

We are a team of experts in building smart conversational voice enabled device independent applications for business. 

We are Silicon Valley, born and raised. We’ve seen and helped shape the evolution of technology, user experience, engineering, and code language development over the last 30+ years.  We’ve worked for corporations like Adobe, AncestryIntercontinental Exchange (ICE & NYSE),  Microsoft, and others as coders, engineers, inventors, affiliates and directors. We’ve launched our own startups that we’ve built into successful companies, and have a deep appreciation for innovation, efficiency, and systematizing processes. We’ve been exploring voice technology, developing cutting-edge apps, and beta testing development methodologies for the last 3+ years.

We know the voice tech landscape, what features & functions are available today, what’s on the horizon, and what will be available 2-3 years from now (we’re actually developing that now). We’re passionate about auditing our client’s offerings and technology, understanding existing APIs and then strategically suggesting solutions that will deliver the most ROI. We build a layer of code around your existing code/API, allowing your business to listen and speak intelligently. We seamlessly breathe new life into your business without the need of hiring additional resources (developers or engineers).
We provide our corporate clients with a single point of contact who will work with all your stakeholders to manage your voice technology project from concept to execution—all the way through testing and launch and then ongoing support. We’ve launched numerous complex projects at fortune 500 companies over the last 30+ years. We understand all the issues that can slow a project down like lack of vision alignment, communication, technical expertise, or process inefficienies, to list a few. We’re process experts who are able to adapt to your company’s current process or create a bespoke solution, it all depends on your infrastructure, preference, and overall goals.  


Get The Corporate Biz Package Today

Now is the time to invest in voice technology and get your company primed for the next-level of rapid growth. 

Interactive Custom Voice Application

Give your customers a more natural and engaging way to interact with your business. Speak direct to your customers in their homes, at the office or during their commute with your own interactive voice app.

An interactive app from Voice2Biz will provide an opportunity to better server your customers.

Dynamic Data Built to Integrate with your Company’s Existing API

Companies often have varied dynamic data accessed via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). We will interface with your dynamic data just as your internal systems do. This ensures your voice app, and your customers, get the most up-to-date data possible.

Minimize Impact on your Technical Resources

There is no need to hire additional engineers or reallocate technical resources to the development & support of your voice application. Voice2Biz is an extension of your engineering team, and handles all technical requirements, design, implementation, testing, and deployment.

Enterprise Level Support & Analytics

As a Corporate Biz partner, we offer enterprise-level support options to match any business and any desired SLA.

Device Independent – Will Work on All Major Smart Speakers

Since Voice2Biz voice applications are cross device, it doesn’t make any difference whether your customers prefer Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Microsoft Cortana; they all work with your voice app using Voice2Biz technology. With one app your business will be available to all major smart speaker vendors*. Voice2Biz will integrate new smart speaker vendors as they gain traction. This means your voice app will automatically be available to customers using new devices in the future.

There’s no work or additional cost to you.

Your voice application will work on Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home & Microsoft Cortana*.

*Cortana is not yet ready for prime-time in our opinion, but when stable, your app will be available for use.
*Apple’s HomePod currently does not support generic voice applications and therefore can’t be used in the same manner as the Google, Amazon, and Microsoft devices.

We Handle All Changes Transparently so Your Users Have Uninterrupted Access

Amazon, Google & Microsoft make constant changes to their API which impact 3rd party voice applications.

We constantly monitor and update your code so that your users have uninterrupted access.

There’s no work or additional cost to you.

Hosting Fees as Low as $250/month*

We handle 24x7 hosting so that you don’t have to. Voice2Biz manages all hosting with AWS so that you can focus on business as usual.

*Actual hosting fees are dependent upon the usage your voice application requires.

Contact Us to See How Voice2Biz can Help Make Your Corporate Vision a Reality

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Questions? We Have Answers.

What do I need to know to get started?

Quite simply, all you need is an idea of what you want the voice of your business to be. If you have an existing business, scope the limitations of your existing API and decide on how you feel your business can best interact with your consumers. We’ll handle all the details and will navigate you through project planning & scope, initial cost to your company in terms of human resources (if any), timeline for development, QA & deployment, then finally what to expect as ongoing costs associated to supporting your brand new voice application.

Is this the right time to invest in voice technology?

YES! Every single day more and more of your consumers are purchasing smart speakers and are looking for a way to interact with their favorite services. While simultaneously more and more of the major technology companies release their hardware solutions to the future of voice to technology interaction. Why not capitalize on this new way to interact with your consumers in their homes, in their offices, while commuting to work or in every other instance where it’s simply more convenient to use voice commands over typing with your fingers?

We make this investment easy for you – Voice2Biz designs, developes and supports voice applications for existing small businesses, corporations and loves working with entrepreneurs to create their vision of the future of voice technology.

How can I justify my investment?

Developing a custom voice application for your business is probably a lot more affordable than you think. In terms of human capital required on your end, initial build costs, and support – we make an investment into your voice application an affordable and expected fixed cost. Depending on your API, there will be minimal engineering requirements from your company.  Adding a voice application is another means for you to expand your company’s relationship with your consumers.

Is Voice2Biz the right company to go with?

You tell us! Would you like seasoned Silicon Valley technology professionals who have worked in some of the largest technology companies in the world and have successful careers building startups working on YOUR voice application?

We make sure to handle the entire process guiding you to make smart decisions in designing, developing and supporting custom voice applications for your business that are sure to scale and will take advantage of this quickly evolving voice technology industry.

How can my company leverage voice technology in a way that makes a positive impact to my customers and my business?

Voice is the most primitive of communication, and yet, extremely powerful when paired with technology. We all live very busy lives in front of screens typing away with our fingers. However, what about those times when you’ve literally got your hands full? Cooking, driving, cleaning the house, already typing in front of a screen and want to record a quick note or task item for later?

Smart speakers are in various rooms in our homes today and are quickly expanding reach into our cars, appliances, watches, earbuds and more. Imagine the possibilities where your service is available to your consumers no matter where they are. Having difficulties? Contact Us and we’ll show you the potential.

How do I keep up with all these device types, seems like every company has a few devices (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Apple, etc.)

There are many smart speakers available today, and more arriving tomorrow and in the future. At Voice2Biz we develop one code base that interacts with all of the hardware solutions that support 3rd party developers. As of today, Apple’s Homepod allows minimal integration with 3rd party apps and Microsoft’s Cortana is buggy to say the least.

As these hardware providers continue to expand their offerings, Voice2Biz makes it a priority to be among the first to become familiar with the developer packages so that your voice application is available regardless of your consumers’ preferred devices.