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An Introduction to Voice2Biz

Amazon, Google, Apple and Alibaba are racing to become the leading company to put their voice enabled smart home device in every room of every home across the world. These companies realize that the future of technology is not interacting with your fingertips, but with your voice.  While these companies struggle to gain consumer market share, it makes it hard on businesses to provide their consumers with voice applications that work across all these consumer smart home devices. This is where Voice2biz comes into play.

Voice2biz is comprised of a group of developers who are genuinely excited about the future of voice applications, and are building our platform as device-independent. What does this mean? This means we take the D.R.Y. (Don’t Repeat Yourself) approach with code and develop voice applications that work across all voice enabled devices. When businesses approach Voice2biz, the resulting application will work with smart home devices as they are released and updated with no extra work or cost to the business. How do we make this happen? Contact Us to find out.

Voice2biz ( builds device independent voice applications for business. This stealth mode Silicon Valley company specializes in delivering platform independent voice enabled B2B & B2C e-commerce services tailored to businesses across multiple industries. Currently delivered verticals include restaurant and home shopping voice order management interfaces.