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We design, develop & host custom & white-label voice apps for Alexa and Google Assistant.
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Meet just a few of our Popular Voice Apps

In addition to developing custom white-label voice applications, Voice2Biz is proud to offer the following voice technology.

eCommerce meets vCommerce

Shopify owners make your storefront voice-commerce enabled. Quick & easy setup to create your own Alexa Skill bringing all of your products from your Shopify Storefront to the millions of Alexa users.

Senior & Assisted Living Communities

Our Assisted Living & Senior Communities powered by Voice2Biz enjoy engaging skills that include: Menu & food options, calendar events, notifications for mail delivery, and much more all easily managed by your staff.

Questions & Answers Flashcard Technology

The V2B Enterprise Management System (EMS) powers all our voice apps & handles complex queries against multi-million row DBs - all easily managed by your staff. Our EMS allows our clients to easily add new 'Commands' or 'Questions' and the corresponding 'Answers' or 'Actions'  updated in real-time in your Alexa Skill or Google Action

Custom Enterprise Smart Voice Applications

“The future of interacting with technology is with your voice & not your fingertips”

Need a personal or business Alexa Skill or Google Action? Well if you can say it – we can build it. All Voice2Biz voice applications are device independent and work on all of Amazon’s Alexa & Google Assistant enabled devices.

 Voice2Biz specializes in interpreting normal everyday speech to create “smart” conversations between consumers and their preferred smart home device. We handle every step of the process: from design, integration with your API or DB, through final production, 24×7 management, enhancements, and seamless integration into your business operations.

Amazon Alexa Skills
Google Home Actions
Microsoft Cortana Skills

Do you know what kind of voice application you need?

Alexa Skill or Google Action  – V2B voice apps work on all smart speakers and we monitor 24x7 so when Amazon & Google APIs are updated your voice app will continue to perform.

Ask yourself these questions before design & development of your voice app.

Popular Voice Application Development Packages


Small Biz

App development as low as $2,500

  • Interactive custom voice app for your business
  • Device independent will work on Alexa & Google Assistant
  • As smart speakers update their device software voice apps can fail. We handle all changes transparently to your users so they have uninterrupted access to your voice application
  • Hosting fees as low as $200/month*

Corporate Biz

  • All of the Small Biz package plus...
  • Dynamic data that integrates with your existing API
  • Minimize impact on your technical resources
  • Analytics & reporting tools to measure voice app data to gain user insights
  • Enterprise level support
  • Integration of your app with new smart speaker vendors as they gain traction at no additional cost.

Entrepreneur & Innovator

“If you can say it, we can build it”
Have an idea for a new innovative voice app. for yourself or for mass consumption? No problem.

  • We work as an extension of your team by designing & developing what's needed to bring your idea into reality
  • Gain insight into what technologies exists today & where we see the industry headed tomorrow
  • Hosting fees as low as $200/month*

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