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We create smart conversational voice apps for Alexa and Google Assistant.
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We Build Voice First Technology

All of our code is written inhouse. We do not build simple apps using Amazon’s & Google’s services. Our code interacts with Amazon & Google utilizing their APIs. Our technology platform can operate on ANY devices open to 3rd party developers.

As we add to our code library our clients get more capabilities to add to their voice applications.

Meet just a few applications of our platform.


If you can HTML then you can MAVIS.

Senior & Assisted Living Communities

Our Assisted Living & Senior Communities have Alexa devices in each room. Residents can check menu & food options each day or a date in the future, see & hear upcoming events on the calendar, get notified when the USPS mail is delivered, check tv schedules (we’ve come a long way since the TV guide) and so much more..

E-commerce Meet V-Commerce

Shopify sellers make their storefront voice-commerce enabled with a few clicks. After a quick & easy setup, we certify with Alexa so that Shopify Sellers have their own skill in the Alexa App Store, making their products available for sale to millions of Alexa customers.

Study and Flashcard Q&A

The V2B Enterprise Management System (EMS) powers all our voice apps & handles complex queries against multi-million row DBs – all easily managed by your staff. Our EMS allows our clients to easily add new ‘Commands’ or ‘Questions’ and the corresponding ‘Answers’ or ‘Actions’  updated in real-time in your Alexa Skill or Google Action

Smart Voice Applications

“The future of interacting with technology is with your voice & not your fingertips”

Need a personal or business Alexa Skill or Google Action? Well if you can say it – we can build it. All Voice2Biz voice applications are device independent and work on all of Amazon’s Alexa & Google Assistant enabled devices.

 Voice2Biz specializes in interpreting normal everyday speech to create “smart” conversations between consumers and their preferred smart home device. We handle every step of the process: from design, integration with your API or DB, through final production, 24×7 management, enhancements, and seamless integration into your business operations.


Multimedia Audio Visual Interface System




See MAVIS in Action

See MAVIS in action with “Connect the Dots” available now in the Alexa Skills Store.

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